Key Points:

The Auckland man who faked his own death and assumed a new identity for five years can be revealed as Bruce James Dale.

Bruce Dale adopted the name of Michael Francis Peach then staged his drowning at Port Waikato's Sunset Beach in November 2002.

Dale abandoned a daughter and two young sons who believed he was dead.

A suppression order was lifted on his second wife, Sharon Behan-Kitto, but the identity of his first wife is suppressed.

He moved to Christchurch where he bought a house, set up a business and got a new partner under the Peach identity.

Dale was uncovered in January after applying for a passport in his real name not realising he had been legally declared dead.

The method he used to obtain the identity have been suppressed and that order was continued in the Christchurch District Court today.

Dale, 42, was appearing for sentence after earlier pleading guilty to four charges of fraud in relation to his disappearance and life insurance policies left for his family to claim more than $1.12 million.

The sentencing will now be heard in September.