Key Points:

Lost in the political wash yesterday was Labour's claim that John Key has changed his position on the 3000-unit housing development at Hobsonville - on the site of the air base.
And from the questions in the House today Housing Minister Maryan Street is going to make more of it (no 11 which should be about 3pm).
It appears he has not exactly done a somersault but he has changed quite dramatically the way he expressing his opposition.
He used to sound like a rich man holding his nose at the thought of the poor getting too close to the rich.
He hasn't dropped his opposition to having state houses in the mix (up to 15 per cent) but now he is very positive about the moves to offer "affordable housing" (up to another 15 per cent) in the project and is complaining that it is taking so long.
Key is MP for Helensville and Hobsonville is in the electorate so he has a special interest.
In 2006 Key condemned the inclusion of state houses because of what it could do to property values in an areas where there were a lot of waterfront sections.
He called it "economic vandalism" in an interview on Morning Report and said "You've got a capacity to build some fantastic housing there."
He added: "The people of West harbour, who are most affected by this have invested millions and millions of dollars in their property. It's a very upmarket area West harbour."
Contrast that with the interview yesterday on Morning Report after the "affordable housing" emphasis in the PM's statement to Parliament.
He spoke only positively about the Hobsonville project, complaining only that it took so long.
"They've identified that as a place where affordable housing could be built. I agree with them But I have been the member of Parliament there for six years. I think it was underway for three years before that."
Street says Key had been "caught out" though I'm not sure that is the right term. "Signing up " might be more accurate.