A Christchurch chef burned the foot of a kitchen hand by placing industrial cleaner in his shoe in an attempt to make him resign.

The kitchen hand needed skin grafts and six weeks of rehabilitation after the attack.

Chef Reece Murray Godinet, 22, appeared in Christchurch District Court today where he admitted causing intentional injury.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Ash Tabb said Godinet was a chef at a restaurant in central Christchurch on July 20 when he went to a back room where cleaning chemicals were stored, and where the victim stored personal items.

He put a capful of an industrial cleaner into the victim's left shoe and returned to work without telling anyone about it. The substance was usually used for cleaning cooking hobs.

The victim left the restaurant at 12.25am, about an hour after Godinet. He put his shoes on and cycled home. On the way he experienced stinging and when he arrived home he was in agony. He was hospitalised with extensive damage to his left foot.

Mr Tabb said skin grafts were needed on his toes and he had to have six weeks of rehabilitation.

Godinet initially denied the attack but then said he had issues with the kitchen hand's work performance and wanted to scare him into resigning.

Godinet has been remanded for sentence on December 15.

Judge Christopher Somerville allowed bail, and ordered a reparation report and a pre-sentence report.

The reparation claim totals $1080 for taxis to the hospital for treatment, lost wages, and replacement shoes.