Owners of properties affected by the May floods and slips in Tauranga are to have their Lim building reports tagged with records of the damage.

The local council plans to announce the measure at two public meetings in the city today.

The May 18 disaster affected 789 properties. The worst-hit suburbs were Otumoetai (flooding and slips in streets including Vale St, Landscape Rd, Hinewa Rd, Whitaker St and Pillans Rd) and Welcome Bay (Estuary View Rd, Corinna St and Dingadee St).

The council has said the owners will have a note put on their Lim reports that identifies the property as suffering from a flood or slip "as a result of the significant storm event".

Council spokeswoman Elizabeth Hughes said notes would also be made of whether repair work had or had not been undertaken.

Once damage was repaired, and the council had been notified, that would also be noted on Lim reports.

In the aftermath of the disaster, the council carried out inspections of 1067 homes and properties. Thirty-nine houses were deemed total losses and 12 have already been demolished or transported to other sites.

Four hundred people were evacuated and 82 households are still living in temporary accommodation.

More than 2000 insurance claims have been made, and 625 accepted by the Earthquake Commission.

The council also plans to present the final outcome of an independent report into the causes of the disaster at today's meetings.

The report has found the primary cause of the slips was "overland flow due to the extreme rain event".

Nearly 350mm rain fell in 24 hours on May 18.

The report, carried out by engineering geologist Bernard Hogan and geotechnical engineer Laurie Wesley, recommended the council discontinue use of soakholes 150m from the edge of old slips.

It said a pipe system should be used to dispose of all stormwater, although a series of overland drains and holding ponds might be needed in high-risk areas for events such as May 18.

The report suggested imposing restrictions on earthworks on urban properties via the district plan. The council also needed to strengthen "rule of thumb" guidelines for determining when specialist advice was needed before building.

Home owners were recommended to seek proper advice before constructing retaining walls or stormwater and surface water disposal systems.

The council is expecting a full report with estimates of costings for stormwater works on October 12. These costings will be incorporated in its draft 10-year plan, which comes up for public consultation in February.

The council will provide details of plans for stormwater upgrades at the meetings today.

The meetings are at Baycourt in Durham St at 12pm and 5.30pm.

The main areas affected were:

* Otumoetai: flooding and slips

* Welcome Bay: slips

* Mt Maunganui: flooding

* Papamoa: flooding