A Destiny Church DVD explaining its hardline stance on homosexuality and with graphic abortion images has been rated as suitable for audiences over 16 years by the Censor's Office, despite the chief censor coming under fire in the DVD.

The DVD, Nation Under Siege, is narrated by Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki.

Described as an "expose", it covers what Bishop Tamaki says is "a Government gone evil, a radical homosexual agenda, the retreat of religion and the modern-day witchcraft of the media".

Chief censor Bill Hastings said his office classified it as M - suitable for mature audiences over 16 - the most serious of the three unrestricted labelling options.

Mr Hastings is one of the individuals Bishop Tamaki criticises in the half-hour-long DVD.

"A self-confessed gay, this man is responsible for allowing explicit sexual and violent content of the worst kind into the country, including films that depict brutal murders and rapes. This material is now available in our communities," Bishop Tamaki says on the DVD.

The censor noted young people were unlikely to have the knowledge and awareness to put Destiny's views into a broader context.

"[Tamaki] makes several assertions about legislation and the personal moral perspectives of individuals in government, the public service and the media, which may be offensive to those people and to members of the public generally.

"These aspects of the publication indicate that it is more suitable to an audience 16 years and over who are able to bring some personal judgment and maturity to bear on the publication's content."

Mr Hastings said it was unlikely to be injurious to the public good, and was not intended to appeal to young people, as it targeted those over 18.

Destiny plans to give it out during Bishop Tamaki's Nation Under Siege tour, which started yesterday.

Destiny spokeswoman Janine Cardno said the rating was expected.

"There is content and pictures in there, such as abortion content and things, that we expected to get a rating on."