Pro and anti civil union legislation demonstrators faced off today in a noisy but peaceful confrontation in central Auckland.

The confrontation happened at a march promoting "traditional family values" organised by the Destiny Church, City Impact Church, and Christian Life Centre.

Thousands of the churches' supporters gathered near the waterfront before the 1.5km walk up Queen St to Myers Park.

Just before the 11am start time, about 30 opponents sat on the road in front of the marchers, blocking their way. They chanted "celebrate don't hate" and one topless woman had "keep religion off my uterus" written on her stomach.

They were moved away by about 10 police officers as the march started.

The police contingent then acted as a barrier between the two groups, separating them by up to 50m, as the march worked its way up Queen St.

The black t-shirts and trousers characteristic of other Destiny Church protests were largely absent today.

The most obvious items of clothing indicating a church supporter were the white track suits of the Destiny kapa haka group, and red and other t-shirts proclaiming such messages as "total abstinence" and "it ain't over yet".

The march took about 40 minutes to reach Myers Park where church leaders were due to address the crowd from noon.