West Auckland's only all-girl state school is considering renaming itself a college to entice more foreign students and lift its appeal with local students.

Kelston Girls High School is calling for public submissions on a name change to Kelston College for Girls.

Board chairwoman Rosemary Caldwell said previous school boards had considered changing the name, "not only for the local market, but for our overseas market".

The 1000-student school had some foreign students, she said, but the term "high school" often confused those planning to send their children to study in New Zealand.

Many believed it applied to institutions teaching only 12 to 15-year-olds. The school wanted it known that it educated girls to university-entry level.

Kelston College for Girls is the only new name proposed, and if the public was not in favour, the school would keep its present name, Mrs Caldwell said.

She agreed a new name would do no harm to the school's reputation in the Kelston area.

"A lot of the thing is we are the only [all-girls] state school in West Auckland ... and a lot of girls travel out of the area to other schools."

Avondale College principal Brent Lewis, whose zoning area borders Kelston's, said he had no problem with the school's plan.

"I don't think a name has anything to do with anything. It is the quality of the education, and I am sure they are working on that, too."

Though a new name was often indicative of wider change at a school, the name alone would not fool overseas education agents - the ones who arranged foreign students.

"Overseas agents will very quickly work out what sort of a school you are."

Mrs Caldwell said the community response had so far been "50-50" for the change, with many calling for surveys.

Submissions were first invited at the start of the year, and the school had extended the consultation period to get more feedback.

"We want to make certain that people feel comfortable."

A final decision is expected at a board meeting this month.

If successful, the proposal will go to the Education Ministry for approval.