Key Points:

Netball is putting together its own version of cricket's Twenty20.

It comes in the form of a World Series, which will pit the top six nations in games over six-minute quarters in Manchester next October.

It is scheduled to include a "Power Play", allowing coaches to nominate a quarter where every goal their team scores counts double, plus there will be a penalty shootout if there is a tie.

Three-point shots have also been canvassed but not endorsed at this stage.

Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, England, Samoa and Malawi will contest the inaugural tournament.

Australian coach Norma Plummer is excited by the World Series but has reservations about the innovations.

Meanwhile, New Zealand and Australia are scheduled to play five tests next season, three in Australia and two in New Zealand.

There is also talk of playing in India later in the year to boost the sport's profile in preparation for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.