TimeOut has gathered together a selection of domestic touring stars and some intriguing imports to help whip up a bit of enthusiasm for this season of high decibels in high temperatures. Here is Six60's Matiu Walters with his summer picks and tour plans...

Your preferred mode of travel for the summer tour?

The old eight-seater people-mover is usually the go to for transport. But this year I have requested a pair of Rolls-Royce Phantoms ... I haven't heard back yet.

Who does the driving - and what does it say about the internal politics of the band?
We do very little driving over the summer tour (one of our crew members does all the driving). Most of us are under-qualified, ha ha. But Ji insists that if ever there is a trailer that needs backing, he is the man for the job.

What's on the car stereo?
This could be anything from Bone Thugs to Bee Gees, Cliff Richard to Richard Cheese.


Your favourite summer venue?
I'm looking forward to every show this summer. But if last year is anything to go by, the Mount and Riwaka will be massive. Also Matakana, playing alongside Shihad, David Dallas, I Am Giant and King Cannons - speaks for itself really.

Where else are you looking forward to visiting - which isn't a venue?
Looking forward to time off in the Hokianga with friends and family. Hopefully we can stop by Eli's grandparents' farm again too. Biggest and best meal around.

Any sage advice about surviving the silly season?
Shades, fresh undies and hair of the dog.

What are your plans for New Year's Eve?
Playing Rhythm and Vines.

Do certain styles of music make more sense during the hot and sweaty months of summer?
To me, summer speaks of soul, R&B and reggae, but I suppose it's anything that makes you wanna party and bullshit.

Is it tough having to work when everyone else is partying and on holiday?
No way. We get to do what we love and not miss out on the beach, sun and booze.

On tour: Butlers Reef, Oakura Dec 27; BW Campgrounds, Gisborne, Dec 28; Station Village Complex, Lower Hutt, Dec 29; Rhythm & Vines, Gisborne, Dec 31; Coroglen Tavern Jan 2; Brewers in the Park, Mt Maunganui, Jan 4; Matakana Country Park, Jan 5; Opononi Hotel, Jan 6.

- TimeOut