An online survey has ranked more General Motors made cars than any other manufacturer in a list of the Top 10 worst vehicles ever made. , "The World's Ranking Platform", surveyed nearly 19,000 people asking them to rank their top 10 Worst Cars Ever Made.

The recent and highly public focus on product recalls in the wake of the faulty ignition recall scandal by GM has clearly had a poor effect on the automakers public standing.
General Motors has recalled over 29 million vehicles so far this year.

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Crowds voted on General Motors vehicles more than any other car make in the top ten, with four spots taken by GM vehicles.

Surprisingly the number one ranked car was not from one of the auto giants who have suffered from mass recalls this year, but from lowly Serbian manufacturer Zastava Automobiles (now known as Fiat Automobili Srbija) who sold cars under the Yugo name in the United States in the 1970s and 80s.

Other makes in the top 10 were Ford with two cars, Smart and AMC.

The Ford Pinto came in at the second worst car ever. Photo / Michael Dorausch
The Worst Cars Ever Made as voted
1. Yugo (Zatsava)
2. Ford Pinto (Ford)
3. Hummer H2 (General Motors)
4. Pontiac Aztek (General Motors)
5. Chevrolet Chevette (General Motors)
6. Smart Fortwo (Smart)
7. Hummer H3 (General Motors)
8. Toyota MasterAce (Toyota)
9. AMC Pacer (American Motors)
10. Ford Aerostar (Ford)

The SmartforTwo was a surprise addition to the list. Photo / Supplied

See the full list here.

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