Toyota has recalled hundreds of Prius hybrid cars due to a brake system fault which could lead to decreased braking force.

The car maker said the fault affected 270 current model Prius cars, made between October 2008 and October 2009, which were sold new in New Zealand.

A small number of used imports could also be affected.

Toyota New Zealand customer service general manager Spencer Morris said the recall was precautionary and no reported accidents in New Zealand had been linked to the fault.


The fault was caused by premature wear in the brake booster accumulator assembly, which could cause the car's brake pedal stroke to become longer, resulting in decreased braking force.

Signs of the fault included a warning light, a skid control buzzer sound, a squeak from the engine bay and a spongy feel to braking.

Mr Morris said owners of recalled vehicles would be notified and inspections arranged.

Where required, new parts would be fitted free of charge, which would take about three hours.