United States thrillseekers achieved something over the weekend that the mad little kids in all of us wish they could do.

At the X Games in Los Angeles, Top Gear USA presenter and drift champion Tanner Foust and motorbike stuntman Greg Tracy pulled off a real-life Hot Wheels loop.

The bright orange, six-story double loop structure was an extreme PR stunt put together by Hot Wheels maker Mattel.

With Foust representing the Yellow Team, and Tracy the Green Team, the two went side-by-side at the event, held near the LA Lakers' Staples Centre home in downtown Los Angeles.


Three time X Games gold medallist Foust was beaten by Bourne trilogy stuntman Tracy in the mad stunt, which meant hitting the loops at 83km/h and a gut-wrenching seven Gs as they rocketed out the other side.

"I've been a fan of Hot Wheels since I was a little kid, racing cars around my parents' living room," said Tracy, a six-time Pikes Peak champion. "So to be able to be a part of something like this - with Hot Wheels bringing one of its toys to life - is remarkable."

Foust still has some Hot Wheels boasting rights though, after setting a world record for the longest vehicle jump at last year's Indianapolis 500 with a crazy 101m effort.

Check out their crazy stunt: