Benja Harney is visiting from Australia to construct his marvel.

Can you build a Mini out of paper? The answer to that question will be solved in Auckland this week thanks to a visiting Australian artist.

Benja Harney is a self-taught Sydney-based paper engineer who has created high-end pop-up books and paper construction professionally for six years.

From Monday, Harney will be based at Ponsonby Road's Mini Garage where he'll spend two days attempting to design and construct a Mini Ray from paper.


"Paper is such a humble medium to work with. It inspires and challenges me every time I sit down at my cutting mat," said Harney. "I strive for creativity and perfection in every project I undertake."

The public are welcome to watch Harney at work with elements of the main display already installed at the car showroom-cum-cafe. The installation is taking place as part of the Semi-Permanent Creative Conference, held in Auckland next Friday and Saturday.