New Zealand's long-standing love affair with the humble meat pie has been well documented throughout history, with some even going so far as to label it New Zealand's national dish.

But with more and more Kiwis swapping out the traditional "meat and three veg" diet for a more environmentally sustainable, vegan lifestyle - the traditional meat pie has been given a somewhat controversial makeover at this year's Supreme Vegan Pie Awards.

Vegan Society national coordinator Amanda Sorrensen told Mike Hosking on NewstalkZB that demand is growing "exponentially".

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"One third of Kiwis are cutting down on meat or cutting it out entirely. Vegan pies are exploding all over the place."

She says that the awards began as vegan pies weren't allowed in other competitions, and it instantly proved a hit.

The society held its second "supreme" Vegan Pie Awards in Auckland on Friday, with three judges selflessly taste-testing 65 pies.

Vegan versions of the beloved Kiwi classic steak and cheese were on the menu, along with vegetable, gluten-free and fruit pies - and wacky flavours like Mac & Cheese or Big Mac.

Watch the video above to find out if we could tell the meat from the cheat.