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Picture it - it's 8pm, your Uber is honking at you outside to hurry up, you're soaked in panic-sweat and you've just accidentally glued your thumb to your eyebrow.

Many of us will know this scene well - the perils of trying to apply fake eyelashes.

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They're fiddly, flimsy and often near-impossible to stick on properly without ending up in A&E - but now, we may have the solution.

Manicare have released their own range of magnetic lashes, the Glam Pro by Manicare Magnetic Lashes range.

It's genius in theory - the magnetic lashes clip onto a magnetised eyeliner. No muss, no fuss.

While they don't come cheap ($49.99 for the eyeliner, $15.99 for the lashes) - they've been touted as an absolute gamechanger.

Premium gold

But do they actually work?

Our resident Trial & Error duo Sinead and Silke put them to the test - pitting them against traditional glue-on lashes.

The test

Here's the complete Manicare Magnetic Lash range. Photo / Manicare.
Here's the complete Manicare Magnetic Lash range. Photo / Manicare.

Unlike typical magnetic false lashes that include two lash strips (one for on top of your lashes and one for underneath) which clip together, the Manicare range uses magnetic technology to secure the lash strip to the magnetic eyeliner.

The gals simply swiped on the eyeliner like their usual liquid brand, waited sixty seconds, then attempted to attach the lash.


The verdict

No question about it, the gals were sold.

Unlike the traditional glue-on style lashes, these ones didn't leave you panicky with your eyelids glued together (if you're an application novice like most people regular are, and not a beauty YouTuber or makeup artist).

The mew fancy magnetic ones clicked into place so seamlessly it was like a Suzanne Paul informercial.

No muss, no fuss - five stars.