These days beauty brands seem to not only be competing to produce the most highly rated makeup on the market and the prettiest packaging but also to be the most talked about.

From Kim Kardashians pricey contour sticks that snapped on application, to sister Kylie Jenner's lip kits so hyped online they sold out in seconds, everyone seems to be fighting to hit the beauty headlines.

And how better to make waves than with product names so strange and explicit that parents are left shook and mascara-happy teens are enticed by the harmless taste of rebellion?

Makeup mogul Jeffree Star is notorious for utilising the marketing ploy, with lipsticks called Virginity, I'm Nude and a white lipstick named Drug Lord. But now even high-end brands like NARS and OPI are getting in on the trend.


So we took a collection of strange-but-true names and paired them with made-up products to see if some of the Herald newsroom team could pick the real from the fake.

How many of these explicit makeup names can you guess right?