Any time is the right time for relaxing with a treat.

Whatever the weather, whatever the season, whatever the time of day, we always need a little sweetness.

The recipes today are all perfect for morning tea, afternoon tea or even after dinner when you are curled up on the sofa or in bed reading a good book.

Yo-yos are a delightfully short- textured biscuit made with custard powder and sandwiched together with a buttery lemon icing.

They can often be mistaken for melting moments, as they look similar but melting moments include cornflour and have a crumblier consistency. Both are equally delicious and delicate.


We have had the gluten-free coconut passionfruit slice for sale at our cafe for a while now without making a point of describing it as such. It has become a firm favourite for its soft, coconutty texture and tart, passionfruit flavour.

Customers are always surprised when told that it is a gluten-free slice. I imagine many people believe gluten-free baked goods will be less gratifying, though when lovingly baked and plated with a generous spoonful of whipped cream or creamy Greek yoghurt on the side any previously held beliefs can quickly be dispelled.

With an increasing amount of interest in gluten-free baking, it is nice to know there are plenty of recipes using rice, coconut, cornmeal and quinoa, for example, that have been made for many years and are often more delicious than the traditional recipes using flour.

In saying that though, when writing about baking I do need to include my mother's classic carrot cake, made with the most basic and wholesome of ingredients - plenty of grated carrot, crushed pineapple, finely chopped walnuts, cinnamon and, of course, a divine cream cheese icing.

The best I and many others have eaten, this is a timeless recipe indeed.