It hasn't taken long for Warriors fans to lose their minds over Shaun Johnson's departure.

In a video posted to social media yesterday, one outraged fan is seen setting a Shaun Johnson merchandise T-shirt on fire.

The furious fan hung the light-coloured "SJ" shirt up on the fence before ripping it down, pulling the fingers at the SJ apparel.

He is then heard telling Johnson "F*** you, you s*** ****" before pouring petrol on the shirt and setting it on fire.


Many Warriors fans caught wind of the video, with some praising the man's actions.

"That was an ugly shirt anyway.....waste of money in the first place," one person said while another wrote "reasonable reaction".

Others weren't so complimentary, with some diehard Johnson fans telling the disgruntled Warriors supporter to grow up.

"I know we're pretty peeved at SJ, but end of the day it's one player in our 25 year history. People need to chill out," one said.

Another wrote: "What a dickhead. He should've put himself on fire as well."

Not everyone has taken the news of Shaun Johnson's departure from the Warriors well.
Not everyone has taken the news of Shaun Johnson's departure from the Warriors well.

The Warriors' eight-year love affair with Shaun Johnson came to a dramatic end when the club granted the superstar halfback an immediate release from the final year of his contract on Wednesday.

Yesterday Warriors CEO Cameron George broke his silence on the matter, saying the club wasn't going to compromise on the team culture.

"Yesterday [head coach] Stephen Kearney, [recruitment manager] Peter O'Sullivan and I met with Shaun and his manager Peter Brown," he said.


"During the meeting Shaun clearly demonstrated to us that he didn't want to be at the club in 2019.

"On the basis of what Shaun told us, we are not going to compromise our culture on and off the field with people who do not wish to represent our club, members and fans in the way we expect.

"Everything we do is about the club being first and what's best for our future, our development and ultimately our results.

"While it's disappointing it has come to this, we must acknowledge the contribution Shaun has made to the Vodafone Warriors. We're proud of what he has achieved at the club and wish him all the best for the future."

Following the announcement, there was mixed reaction from fans around the country with many taking aim at how the club handled the situation.

"I have been with this club since 1995 and have done the rollercoaster ride but I have never been more disgusted or disappointed in my club," Lorraine wrote.

"The handling of his release from day one from the club makes me believe the new owners and the new CEO are a disgrace! Whether Shaun was wanted or not is not the point after eight years of his blood sweat and tears for this club he deserved better than the disgraceful farewell this new management have given him!"

"The statement from the Warriors is completely disgusting. He has bled Warriors colours from day one. The way the club has treated him is the reason he does not want to be there, so they need to own that, not say that he will compromise the culture of the club," Kendal wrote.

"The Warriors management are cowards. Go well Shaun, win that premiership with a club that values and appreciates you. Hopefully the fans of the Johnson will get the chance to say goodbye. Disgusting that the Warriors didn't at least give him that."

There were a number of fans pleased to see Johnson go and backed the club's decision.

"Whether or not you agree with the decision Shaun hasn't shown himself to be an elite player with his comments to the media, social and otherwise. He has polarized fans - some of us still remember his comments after the Kiwis loss at the world cup last year blaming the fans," Lucyloo wrote.

"Good on the Warriors for making the right call and it would have been a tough call for the club to make. Johnson has not been the same since his knee & ankle injury back in 2015. All the best SJ," commented Warriors -Taranaki.

"Fantastic news - finally commonsense prevails - Compare a similar salary to that of Thurston. Would we hold down our positions in our respective companies if we performed that bad week in and week out!," Paul Ross said.

Johnson finishes his Warriors career with 917 points from 162 appearances.

It is believed the Cronulla Sharks are favourites to sign Johnson on a one-year deal for 2019.