Gold Coast CEO Graham Annesley says Tyrone Peachey will sit on the sidelines for three years if he refuses to honour his $1.5 million Titans contract.

Annesley made it clear he expects the Penrith live-wire to join the Titans next season after reports he had told his manager he wants to remain at the Panthers for family reasons.

Reports of Peachey's potential backflip first emerged last month with his wife expressing doubts about their planned move to the Gold Coast, but Annesley said the Titans would not consider releasing him.

In March, the New South Wales State of Origin star signed a three-year deal to join the Titans next season and Annesley insists he must follow through or risk being barred from playing in the NRL until 2022.


"He's a contracted player for us — we expect Tyrone Peachey to be here on November 1 (the start of Titans pre-season)," Annesley told the Daily Telegraph.

"Tyrone Peachey signed a deal with us six months ago and we expect him to honour that deal.

"We have made recruitment and retention decisions off the back of his signing.

"If the situation was reversed and he was desperately keen to come and we decided we didn't want him, how would that go down with Tyrone and his manager?

"Tyrone either plays with us … or he will have to sit on the sidelines for three years."

The Daily Telegraph report Peachey is concerned he stands to lose money by missing out on a representative-bonus payment that was part of his 2019 Panthers contract.

The 27-year-old was expecting to earn an extra $50,000 next year after making his Origin debut this season, but that clause was not included in his new deal with the Titans.

Ahead of Friday night's sudden-death semi-final clash against Cronulla at Allianz Stadium, Peachey told reporters he never wanted to leave the Panthers who are fighting to remain under the salary cap.

Peachey explained he and his wife had settled in comfortably at Penrith and added he has requested his manager Sam Ayoub resolve his playing future once the Panthers' season is finished.

"We've just built in Penrith and the missus is real comfortable in that place," Peachey told the Daily Telegraph.

"I spoke to my manager and told him what I want to happen.

"I also told him I don't want to worry about anything until the end of the year.

"I just want to worry about Penrith for the moment and we'll figure the rest out at the end of the year."