One week ago the Warriors were 10-6. They'd gone from 10-4 and the top four to 10-6 and eighth.

First time all year we'd had back to back defeats. And staring at a schedule that saw the Broncos and Melbourne as the next two games, both teams above them in the table.

Add to that a back element boiling and bubbling away called the chasing pack, teams slowly and slyly closing the gap. Not to panic about but information worthy of being aware of.

This was a week ago.


A list of realities that could, that were making most feel a little glass half emptyish and understandably so.

And then what? Whaaaat? An absolute shellacking of Brisbane ON their patch?? 26-6 and a scoreline that truly flattered the Broncos. So. Which team is it this week then?

That one, so impressive a week ago, or the one just a week before that laid an absolute turd vs Penrith. Who turns up Sunday at Mt Smart?

Given the up and down all around reality of the last 12 weeks it's nigh impossible to predict.

Let's just hope its Dr Jekyll's Broncos & not Mr Hyde's Penrith.