Rugby league star Konrad Hurrell said he understood fans disappointment but Tongan supporters needed to move on.

The Tongan centre addressed fans after protests struck in Auckland following the devastating loss to England on Saturday at the Rugby League World Cup semi-finals.

"Please as much as we stand together and would love to be at the final next week, let's stop the protest and take it and move on," the Tongan centre told One News.

Supporters protested referee Matt Cecchin's decision to not review Andrew Fifita's controversial try, after more than 27,000 people signed a petition calling for explanation from rugby league officials.


Hurrell shared a video of die-hard fans outside the team's hotel last night and captioned it with a heartfelt message to everyone who had helped Tonga in their historic campaign.

"Proud Tongan! Thank you all for what you've done for us," he wrote. "Love to the Grand Mecure Hotel and for your staff for allowing [our fans outside] and looking after us. I know it's a pain but thanks for understanding our people."

Hurrell and Mate Ma'a Tonga depart New Zealand today to return to their homes.