Rugby league commentator Andrew Voss says the Warriors have hit rock bottom but good news for fans of the Auckland club, he doesn't consider them the worst side to watch in the NRL.

Talking to the Radio Sport Breakfast, the Fox Sports commentator said there was very little to take out of the Warriors' fifth straight loss in the weekend where they were handed a 26-10 defeat by the last-placed Knights.

"I think the bottom of the barrel has been reached over the course of the last two matches," Voss said.

"There was so little to like about the game against the Knights to be honest. The fact that there is still four matches to go, the only thing I can say in relation to the Warriors on a positive note, and it's a tremendous negative, is that the Bulldogs and Titans are possibly worse."


"The Bulldogs are the most frustrating side in the competition to watch right at the moment. I wouldn't mind if I didn't see them play again this year and the Titans...dead set threw in the towel against Brisbane. They stopped trying."

"I don't know if the Warriors can take anything out of that other than saying 'look there is a probably couple of clubs worse than us'. You've still got to see something in the next four weeks don't you if you're a Warriors fan? You have to see something in the next month."

The Warriors, currently in 12th spot on 18 points, host the 10th placed Raiders on Sunday. The Raiders comfortably won their round seven match-up in Canberra. The Warriors then end the season with clashes against the Rabbitohs (away), Sea Eagles (home) and Tigers (away).

Voss told the Radio Sport Breakfast that despite being out of the finals, the final four matches have a lot riding on them for the Warriors in terms of gaining fan interest heading into the 2018 season.

"The Warriors, they had a top eight roster this year. They should be making the top eight and sadly they're going to come nowhere near it," Voss added.

"In Jim Doyle running the club, they maybe have the best operator in the competition...he's now got to make a really really tough call. If this clubs in the next four weeks shows nothing, then you can't stay with what you've got and go back into the marketplace."

Andrew Voss on the Radio Sport Breakfast

"You can't go back into the marketplace to promote them, I don't think you can go back to the fans and ask them for memberships, unless these players right now, the coach and everyone responsible for onfield performance has to wake up for the next month. The next season starts this weekend."