A Hamilton cat had to be cut free from dryer ducting after getting spooked from fireworks.

Hamilton Senior Station Officer Colin Irvine said it appeared the cat must have got a fright by fireworks at some stage and tried to quickly scramble back inside the house.

However, the "skinny little cat" opted to get in through the dryer's ducting and didn't get very far.

"I guess with the fireworks it went into the vent on the outside of the house through into the dryer and got stuck in the ducting. So four big brave firemen went in and rescued it."


He said the cat was surprisingly calm and relaxed after being rescued.

"It was quite calm and relaxed, surprisingly, no scratches. It was all good."

He was unsure how long the cat had been stuck for.

Firefighters, who were called to the Glenburn Pl house about 1pm, had to take off the back of the dryer and dismantle the ducting in order to set the cat free.

"It's now very happy in its owner's arms," he said.