A Colombian Premier League clash has produced arguably the worst penalty seen in football.

Atlético Junior hosted Tigres in both side's 12th match of the Torneo Finalización stage of the Categoría Primera A season, with the second-placed hosts expected to come away with a victory over their ninth-placed opposition.

The game was playing out nicely for the Barranquilla-based side, taking a 2-0 lead in the 58th minutes thanks to a successful penalty from Jarlan Barrera and an additional goal to Uruguayan midfielder Matías Mier.

When Junior were awarded with a second penalty in the 78th minute, most would have expected Colombian international Teófilo Gutiérrez to slot it away to confirm a comprehensive win for his side.


That was until he scuffed his shot horrifically, sending the ball flying high and wide from the target.

Replays seem to show that the sandpit-esque pitch at Estadio Metropolitano may have had a part to play in Gutiérrez's misfortune, with the ball popping up off the ground as the 48-cap striker plants his left foot before striking the it with his right.

While it was not entirely his fault for the botched penalty attempt, Gutiérrez's blushes could not be saved following such an atrocious attempt from close range.

Fortunately for Gutiérrez, his wayward penalty did not spark an sort of comeback from Tigres, with the home side winning comfortably 2-0 to stay in second spot.