Amber Heard has accused Johnny Depp of a filthy act as the explosive court case continues in the United Kingdom.

The British High Court today was told of an alleged 2015 incident where the Pirates of the Caribbean star urinated inside a Gold Coast mansion as he was being dragged out of the property by security guards, The Sun reports.

Heard alleged Depp told the security guards at the time: "I need to take a f***ing p***, it's my house."

"He then went back inside and did it right in front of them to nervous laughter."


She added: "He said he was trying to write my name on the walls and carpet while peeing inside the house."

However, the court heard a counter-claim from Depp's estate manager Ben King. He told the court there was no urine found, despite $100,000 worth of damage occurring at the property at the time.

King told the court there was "blood in a number of different rooms around the house".

The Sun reports King told the court he was "quite sure" there was no urine found, and that a professional cleaning team sent to the property also did not mention it.

Amber Heard said in a witness statement Johnny Depp spelled her name with his urine. Photo / AP
Amber Heard said in a witness statement Johnny Depp spelled her name with his urine. Photo / AP

"I did not see any signs of urine, and I did not smell it, as I would have done had someone urinated around the house."

In addition to commenting on Heard's allegations of the urinating incident, King also said he found "a piece of flesh" in the bar area of the property after the couple's fight in 2015, alleged to be Depp's severed finger.

"I knew that Mr Depp's finger had been cut. It was mentioned that his fingertip may be somewhere."

The court has previously heard allegations that Depp's finger was cut when Heard threw a bottle of vodka at him, however, she maintains the injury occurred when he broke a phone against a wall.


The case continues in the UK, where Depp is suing the publishers and executive editor of The Sun for referring to him as a "wife beater" in a 2018 article.

Actress Winona Ryder is expected to give evidence in support of Depp. She was engaged to Depp for three years in 1990.