Since the nationwide lockdown has begun, you might be wondering how to while away the long hours while also keeping up to date with everything that's going on: listening to a podcast or seven to keep you entertained might be just what you're after.

Here are a few of our picks to get you started. So grab a cuppa, curl up on the couch - or multi-task with a workout or cleaning binge - and get your daily fix of entertainment with these podcasts available for free on iHeartRadio.

The best seven podcasts.
The best seven podcasts.

NZ in lockdown: Seven podcasts to help cure the boredom
The best seven podcasts: Music, comedy, mental health, and big ideas
Covid 19 coronavirus: Seven of the best podcasts
NZ in lockdown: Seven podcasts to help cure the boredom

Erebus Flight 901: Litany of Lies? (NZ Herald)

On November 28, 1979 one of New Zealand's biggest tragedies occurred. An Air New Zealand plane crashed into Mt Erebus, killing all 257 people on board. This podcast seeks answers to the tough questions about the event and seeks to determine who was really at fault. The 10-part series is presented by Gary McAlpine and writer/director John Keir.


Inside Frozen 2 (ABC Audio/Walt Disney Animation Studios)

Now that the sequel of the hit Disney movie has been released on Disney +, it's a great time to delve into the story behind the movie. ABC News' Ginger Zee sits down with the writers, actors, filmmakers and composers who helped make Frozen 2 a magical success.

All's Fair with Laura Wasser (iHeartRadio)

As far as professions go, arguably no one sees the variety of human emotion that a divorce lawyer sees. Better still, Laura Wasser is a celebrity divorce lawyer. Along with Johnnie Raines, Wasser chats to celebrity guests about all things love and war.

ZM's Bree and Clint

Ease into your evening with some quality entertainment from ZM hosts Bree & Clint. The duo host the drive show, and have no shortage of contentious and hilarious topics to discuss with their listeners. They also have you covered with plenty of television and movie recommendations to help you get through the lockdown.

Were You Raised by Wolves?

Manners and social customs can be confusing, but luckily Emmy award-winning journalist Nick Leighton and stand-up comic Leah Bonnema are here to help you avoid humiliating yourself. The podcast's mission: to teach you impeccable etiquette so listeners succeed in life and any social occasion.

Criminal (Radiotopia)

Most podcasts in the true crime genre are dedicated to gory murders and serial killers, but Criminal has a point of difference. The show unpacks a variety of cases, from stolen identities to police misconduct. There are still some episodes about murder cases if that's a selling point, just expect a bit more variety.

The Thrive Global Podcast with Arianna Huffington (iHeartRadio)

This podcast is great if you love to listen to inspiring conversations. Huffington sits down with influencers, celebrities, leaders and more. Each guest shares how they have forged their career, and how best to stay happy and successful. Expect to finish each episode ready to conquer the world.