Since the nationwide lockdown has begun, you might be wondering how to while away the long hours while also keeping up to date with everything that's going on: listening to a podcast or seven to keep you entertained might be just what you're after.

Here are a few of our picks to get you started. So grab a cuppa, curl up on the couch - or multi-task with a workout or cleaning binge - and get your daily fix of entertainment with these podcasts available for free on iHeartRadio.

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Just listen (Newstalk ZB)

The seven-part podcast, hosted by Juliette Sivertsen, explores how to support people experiencing mental distress. She brings on experts and talks to six New Zealanders who share their mental health journey. The aim of the podcast is to get people comfortable talking about mental health.


Locals only (Hauraki)

Hauraki presenter Angie Grey and Hauraki producer Tom Harper chat with local music heroes, and at the end of each chat, the musician performs one of their songs live. The series is back in 2020 for a new season, and the first episode features former Midnight Youth frontman Jeremy Redmore who is back with a new solo album.

Future perfect (Vox)

There are a lot of big ideas out there about how to improve the world, and this show tackles just about all of them. Join host Dylan Matthews as he discusses the most effective ways that we can help future-proof the world, from big political moves to smaller everyday actions.

Conan O'Brien needs a friend (Earwolf)

Funny people find it easy to make friends right? Well, not according to comedian Conan O'Brien, who started his podcast to improve his social connections. He interviews celebrity guests like Ali Wong and Jesse Eisenberg an aims to establish a deep and meaningful friendship.

Popcast (The New York Times)

If you like music recommendations with a side of criticism, this is the show for you. Pop music critic Jon Caramanica discusses trends, albums, and music news with an expert panel of music journalists and writers. Episodes to note: 'What music should I listen to in a crisis?' and, 'How Tiktok is killing the radio songwriter'.

Committed (iHeartRadio)

Maybe you need a podcast that will tell you that everything is going to be just fine, and Committed is that show. The premise: Host Jo Piazza shares stories of couples who have endured extremely heartbreaking and unimaginable circumstances, and how they managed to stay together throughout it all.

WeCrashed (Wondery)

The story of the rise and dramatic fall of co-working giant WeWork is a fascinating listen. The charismatic CEO Adam Neumann seems to have it all, so why did his big vision end up failing? Host David Brown breaks the saga up into seven episodes, and it's far from an average business story.