We're all going to be spending more time at home in the coming weeks. The Herald entertainment team has some great recommendations for your time in.

Whether you're a news junkie, music nut, true crime fan or just love a good celebrity interview, there's definitely a podcast for that. Here are some of our recommendations.


Reply All

Reply All podcast. Photo / Supplied.
Reply All podcast. Photo / Supplied.

One of the most popular pods around, with more than five million downloads a month, hosts PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman share stories about how people shape the internet, and how the internet shapes people. The good news for new listeners is that there are more than 150 episodes to catch up on. Start with one of the most recent, about a man who just can't get a song out of his head. The problem is, the internet says the song never existed.

Bon Appetit Foodcast

If you need a podcast to kickstart your cooking, this is that. Host Adam Rapoport invites chefs, writers and celebrities to provide their hot takes and even hotter culinary tips. There's essential information, like the fact Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl started a barbecue business. Likely to make you hungry, and very likely to inspire you to get in the kitchen.


The Financial Confessions

Navigating personal finance can be tricky, but Chelsea Fagan from website The Financial Diet is aiming to change that. She has in-depth discussions with people working across several different industries, including reality television, public relations and divorce law. Chelsea's insightful interviewing style really gets her guests and her audience talking openly about money and how best to use it.

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The Catch and Kill Podcast with Ronan Farrow

The Catch and Kill Podcast With Ronan Farrow. Photo / Supplied.
The Catch and Kill Podcast With Ronan Farrow. Photo / Supplied.

The Pulitzer-prize winning journalist was one of the reporters who broke the Weinstein story. In support of his book about the truths he uncovered, Farrow released a podcast that unpacks the case. There's a fascinating episode about the verdict with whistleblower Rose McGowan.

No Such Thing As A Fish

Fun fact: this podcast is stacked full of them. The weekly podcast is hosted by James Harkin, Andrew Hunter Murray, Anna Ptaszynski and Dan Schreiber, the researchers behind the long-running BBC panel show QI. Each week they share their favourite titbits of knowledge, which is one way you'll be able to get an edge over your colleagues when social distancing is over.

Switched On Pop

Switched on Pop. Photo / Vox
Switched on Pop. Photo / Vox

With the endless selection of pop music available on streaming services, it's great to have a podcast that can cut through the noise. Switched On Pop does just that by featuring interviews with artists on the rise in addition to dissecting how hits are constructed. It's hosted by musicologist Nate Sloan and songwriter Charlie Harding. Sample topics: which One Direction member's solo album is best and how TikTok is changing the pop music landscape.

Ctrl Alt Delete - Emma Gannon

Emma Gannon attends the Marie Claire Future Shapers Awards. Photo / Supplied.
Emma Gannon attends the Marie Claire Future Shapers Awards. Photo / Supplied.

Based on her book of the same name about her experience growing up on the internet, Emma Gannon invites authors, celebrities, bloggers and more to discuss their careers. Exploring how interests shape how individuals approach their careers, highlights have included chats with Lena Dunham, Gillian Anderson, and YouTube sensation Zoella.

The Nobody Zone

The Nobody Zone is a true crime podcast series about the mystery surrounding Irishman Kiernan Patrick Kelly. Photo / Supplied.
The Nobody Zone is a true crime podcast series about the mystery surrounding Irishman Kiernan Patrick Kelly. Photo / Supplied.

This gripping new six-parter investigates the acts of homeless Irishman Kieran Patrick Kelly, known as "the underground killer". With Kelly thought to have murdered up to 31 people between 1953 and 1983, the series explores potential inaccuracies about the case, including discrepancies about the number of his victims.


The 50 Year Secret

After New Zealand Herald journalist Melissa Nightingale gets a tip about NZ's oldest cold case, the murder of Jennifer Beard, she compiles evidence that points to one strong suspect.


The Aotearoa History Show

The Aotearoa History Show. Photo / RNZ
The Aotearoa History Show. Photo / RNZ

Brush up on history with this engaging and informative podcast from RNZ. It covers Kiwi happenings from prehistoric times. Video versions of each episode, complete with animations, add to the experience. Whether you choose to watch or just listen, expect to learn a lot about Aotearoa.

HP Business Class: The Story of New Zealand Business.

Newstalk ZB journalist Heather du Plessis-Allan talks to some of New Zealand's key business leaders about their professional journeys - the wins, losses and, ultimately, learnings.

• Many of the above are available through iHeartRadio, the rest from alternative podcast apps.

Introducing Sinead Corcoran and Anna Henvest, hosts of the official The Bachelorette NZ podcast Can I Steal You For A Second.

Can I Steal You For A Second? with Sinead and Anna. Photo / Supplied.
Can I Steal You For A Second? with Sinead and Anna. Photo / Supplied.



We met at an airport and, by chance, we were sitting together on the same plane with no in-flight entertainment. We talked on the plane about doing a podcast together and we became best friends.

Sinead: I guess we wanted to get famous (laughs), and when The Bachelorette NZ was announced I knew I wanted to do a podcast.

Sinead: It's aimed at Bachelorette watchers, the Bachelor franchise superfan.

Anna: The idea is that we're just a couple of gal pals in our robes drinking some rosé with you.

Sinead: Sometimes you want more out of a show, especially when they leave episodes on cliffhangers, and you're thinking, 'Oh my God, what happens next, I want to discuss this.' So we bridge the gap in between episodes.

Anna: We ask the hard-hitting questions, like why have the contestants been eating chicken tenders, how do they pick the beds in the mansion, that sort of stuff.

Anna: Daryl [Habraken]. Seeing Sinead melt over "The Mole" when we set them up on a fake date was hilarious. Sinead was mute the whole time.

Sinead: And he was our first guest! You wouldn't have known I was there.

• Can I Steal You For A Second? The Official The Bachelorette NZ podcast is available on iHeartRadio and wherever else you get your podcasts. The Bachelorette NZ screens on TVNZ 2 and OnDemand on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights.