One of the quizmasters on The Chase was accused by the host of deliberately giving wrong answers after his mistakes started to stack up.

Shaun "the Dark Destroyer" Wallace was having such a bad run of things on an episode which aired in the UK recently that host Bradley Walsh - and viewers - had to wonder if it was on purpose.

By the time they got to the end of the run with the final contestant, Lucie, Walsh was forced to ask: "Are you doing this deliberately?"

A visibly annoyed Shaun replied defensively: "No!"


It wasn't just Walsh who noticed Wallace's particularly bad answers. Fans took to Twitter to comment on his poor performance and accuse him of throwing the game because he "liked" Lucie.

One wrote: "How is Shaun getting these wrong against Lucie!!!"

While another simply wrote: "Shaun of the dead today", referencing the Simon Pegg-led zombie flick of the same name.

Viewers also lashed out at Walsh later in the same episode, after he refused to take an answer from Lucie in what some are calling "absolute robbery".

Lucie and two other players made it through to the final round to play for a massive £30,000 jackpot.

Walsh asked: "What do Americans call a stroller?" And Lucie answered, "A Pram". However Walsh deemed the answer incorrect, as the one he was looking for was "pushchair".

Fans on Twitter were not impressed with one calling the decision not to award the point "harsh".

"What the hell is the difference between a pram and a pushchair?" one wrote.


Another added: "Absolute robbery not giving Lucie a point for pram #thechase."

Other fans came to Walsh's defense however, with one explaining: "Pram, child lies on back. Pushchair, child is seated."

Despite the contestants losing that point, they beat The Dark Destroyer in the end and took home £10,000 each.