Parents share the innocuous things that incited their toddlers' tantrums ...

1. "My little kraken just slept after a raging tantrum because I did not let him chew on the connected cables. I'm just trying to keep you alive buddy, I swear."

2. "My mum used to offer food to my brother. He'd clearly say no. My mum would then ask, 'Are you sure you don't want this? Because I'm going to eat if you don't want it. This piece of food, right here' ... 'No'. She eats it ... 45 minute tantrum with hyperventilating crying."

3. He loved being tickled so I was tickling him one day. He let out a huge fart and suddenly started crying and screaming. I ask him why he's screaming and he replies with — I was saving that for later.

4. Her sister put pretend cream on her with a pretend spoon.


5. We didn't have the hamburger bun colour in our 120 coloured pencil set.

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Prince's cover story

An unauthorised biography of Prince Charles (Rebel Prince, by Tom Bower) claims that the prince once "shrieked" and "trembled" at the sight of an unknown plastic substance covering his dinner, only to be told "It's cling film, darling," by Camilla. Bower also claims the prince brought his own mattress, toilet seat, Kleenex Velvet toilet paper and two "landscapes of the Scottish Highlands" when visiting a friend in north-east England.

Cold Duck Leftovers

"My 21st was April 1974," writes a reader. "It was held in my parents' garage and the dress code was toga. The drink de jour was Cold Duck and I saved this bottle to remember the occasion."

NZ history in the UK

"A friend who taught history in the UK showed me what some 11-year-old students in the UK are being taught about the Treaty of Waitangi," explains a reader. "In less than a page this [highly inaccurate, myth perpetuating, bloody offensive] excerpt from a current history textbook Industry Reform and Empire — Britain 1750 -1900 by A Wilkes."

Video Pick

In 1966 New Zealander Rodney Charters (who is a now a Hollywood cinematographer on shows like Roswell and 24) shot this video when he was a film student at Elam. It helped him win a place at London's Royal College of Art - and captures some great scenes of Auckland in the mid 1960's including a party at Mt Eden. Watch it here.

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