Behaving badly

1. And you think your teenager is a handful ... A high school student in Davis, California, baked her grandfather's ashes into sugar cookies and gave them out at school. On purpose. The LA Times reports that nine students ate the cookies, some without knowing of the extra ingredient, and were horrified. Others knew it contained the ashes of a dead person but ate them anyway. One student said he was told of a special ingredient and assumed it was marijuana.

2. An Australian woman has confessed that she purposely fed her sisters weight-gaining smoothies in the lead-up to her wedding. According to, she went as far as buying a weight-loss shake and replacing the contents with a mega weight-gain protein powder from a body-building shop. The clinically insecure woman also put her sisters in neon yellow bridesmaid dresses that made the fair-skinned and blonde sisters look washed out. "I told them I was going for a fun, party look but I was thrilled that colour made them both look pallid."

True urban legends

In 1911, the embalmed corpse of notorious outlaw Elmer McCurdy became a grim sideshow attraction throughout Texas, with people lining up to see his corpse on display in funeral parlours and carnivals. The undertaker propped him up in a corner of the funeral home's back room and charged locals a nickel to see "The Bandit Who Wouldn't Give Up". The nickels were dropped into the corpse's open mouth (from where they were later retrieved). According to Mental Floss, he ended up in Long Beach, California, where someone apparently mistook him for a prop. McCurdy was hung in a funhouse at an amusement park, when one day a crew member on The Six Million-Dollar Man - which was filming there in 1976 - tried to adjust him, causing one of his arms to come off. Inside it was human bone.

Good to know

Good to know.
Good to know.