It's been a drama-filled week on The Block NZ with cheating, lying and allegations of favouritism.

Earlier this week Gisborne couple Amy Moore and Stu Watts were hit with a $5000 fine and disqualified from judging after they were found to have cheated.

The pair were caught lying about knowing they had a tradie working on site after the "tools down" curfew of 6pm.

While they may have cleared the air with the other teams following their dubious behaviour, it seems the "Gizzy Hard" crew are having trouble accepting that the punishment fits the crime.


Wednesday night's episode saw Amy and Stu point out seemingly rule-breaking behaviour from other teams and the unfair punishments dished out in comparison to theirs.

As the teams prepare for their living room reveals on Sunday night, House 3's Chlo and Em have been struggling with painting their ceiling.

The Wolf gave Chlo and Em a quick painting demonstration causing drama within the teams. Photo / Three
The Wolf gave Chlo and Em a quick painting demonstration causing drama within the teams. Photo / Three

As with previous seasons, site foreman Peter "The Wolf" Wolfkamp gives them some painting tips and a short demonstration of the correct painting technique.

But watching from outside is Amy and Stu's builder Dave who stirs the pot yelling, "Got Wolfy doing ya work for ya."

The girls bite back that they can't help it if they're Wolfy's favourites.

Unimpressed with the fact another team was getting a helping hand Amy declares "you're not allowed that, I'm sick of it" and suggests "maybe I've got to lose 30kgs and 20 years" they would get some help too.

"Just feels like you've got to be gorgeous and skinny to get anything done around here," Amy said while confronting The Wolf.

Stu throws out a suggestion that punishment should be handed out when rules are broken.


The Wolf calmly explains he's within his rights to help whoever he wants and it's discussion over.

It's not long however before Stu and Amy turn their sights towards Claire and Agni who were made to clean the communal shower as punishment for being caught working without boots on.

Amy thinks the pair have got off lightly and labels it "pretty easy punishment".

Sunday night's room reveal with tell whether or not Amy and Stu are able to crawl their way back from last week's disqualification to take a fourth room win.