Contestants and viewers were left shocked last night after The Block NZ contestants Amy Moore and Stu Watts were caught lying about cheating.

The team from Gisborne were caught with a tradie on site after the "tools down" curfew of 6pm.

When confronted about breaking this strict rule they denied they'd done anything wrong saying the tradie had been in the roof collecting his tools when 6pm rolled around and they were unaware he was there.

Unfortunately for the pair the entire incident was caught on camera and had already played for the whole of New Zealand to see.


Host Mark Richardson produced a recording during judging in which Amy can be heard clearly discussing the electrician hiding.

"Our electrician hid here because he's not finished so he hid in the cupboard. He's just hooking up the power."

Despite knowing it was past curfew she insisted it was "all good" and "not as serious as you think".

Richardson however disagreed as the incident was a breach of resource consent and could have seen the whole site shut down.

The pair had the initial score of 8.5 for their room wiped, were disqualified from the week and therefore didn't take home the winning prize of $5000.

They were also hit with an additional $5000 fine.

For the remainder of the episode Amy and Stu seemed unable to admit they'd done anything wrong, aggravating the other rule-abiding teams.

However, last night in a statement to Newshub they apologised for the cheating and lying.


"We messed up and we let you all down," the pair said.

"It's never nice to disappoint people including ourselves, our fans, the other teams and Wolfy."

They said they hope to regain respect and support over the coming weeks.