A Sex and the City star is the latest to open up about having to deal with unwanted sexual advances in Hollywood.

Gilles Marini said he was approached by "extremely powerful people" after finding success in the 2008 movie based on the TV show, the Daily Mail reports.

"I became a piece of meat for many executives in Hollywood,"' the French model and actor, 41, told People magazine.

Gaining fame as Kim Cattrall's lover Dante in the film version of the popular long-running series, the star said he was targeted particularly after the movie's success.


Marini's comments come amid the furore surrounding the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

The powerful, Oscar-winning producer is accused of sexual misconduct by more than 50 women since a New York newspaper released a damning expose of his actions.

While Marini made absolutely no connection to Harvey Weinstein, the revelations come at a time Hollywood is under the microscope for its lurid on-goings.

Kevin Spacey is the latest celebrity to face claims he made unwanted sexual advances, and production on hit Netflix show House of Cards has been shut down over it.

Marini, hitting out at Weinstein's admission to a sexual addiction treatment facility in Arizona, said the producer belonged in jail rather than rehab.

"When you violate someone, the only place you need to go is jail," the French actor said.

He said it was joke the Hollywood bigwig was able to check himself into a luxury resort, rather than face criminal charges for his actions.

Discussing the recent #MeToo viral campaign, where victims of unwanted sexual advances or abuse shared their experiences online, Marini pointed out how few men came forward.


He said male victims of rape or abuse often felt like they were losing their manhood because of the stigma and shame surrounding it.

The actor said he was able to bluntly turn down any unwanted overtures, saying if success meant him compromising himself, he would turn it down.