A jilted Sky TV customer whose Facebook post complaining about their services went viral says he'll use his savings for socialising.

Christchurch resident Zane Young took to Facebook to tell Sky TV he was quitting after seven years in a post that quickly went viral.

"I'm extremely pissed off," he wrote. "You're like an ex girlfriend - the only time I ever hear from you is when you want money ... It's time you pulled your big boy pants up and admit defeat."

Hello Sky My Old Friend, I've come to talk with you again.... After being so loyal to you for over 7 years, paying $140...

Posted by Zane Wilson Young on Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Young told the Herald the reaction to his post - 18,000 reactions, 2700 comments and 1300 shares - had been overwhelming.


"It's gone pretty mental ... my phone's going flat so quickly it's not funny.

"I think I've just relayed what everyone feels really."

He was yet to hear anything from Sky TV since posting his comments on Wednesday.

Herald requests for comment have also been ignored.

Young said he'd spent more than $11,000 on Sky's services over seven years but quit after a mate was offered his $140-per-month package for just $40.

"We felt it was a ridiculous bill for what we got out of it," he said. "I just wanted to watch the rugby, that's all that held me there, and that's the case with everybody.

"If there was another place to watch the rugby ... (Sky TV) would be gone."

Young said out of all of the feedback, only three comments had been negative. Most, he said, agreed with him.

"So many people said they were leaving for the same reason. They're doing something wrong. There are so many more viewing options for people online now must that they must be freaking out. Those board meetings must be terrible."

He said he'd spend the money he was saving on Sky TV on another streaming service, and save the rest for socialising.

"That's a hell of a lot of beers at the pub," he said. "My mates will be hanging out for some freebies, but it's still cheaper (than keeping Sky)."

Sky TV's subscriber numbers were reported to be 816,135 in February. A proposed merger with Vodafone was declined by the Commerce Commission around the same time.

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