Maybe it's because he's had a rough time with the paparazzi and fans mobbing his house in Sydney but Justin Bieber does not seem happy.

He spent most of his Mt Smart show looking miserable and bored and like he'd literally rather be anywhere else.

He looked dead in his eyes, chewing gum, standing around with his hands in his pockets and dancing lazily, compensating by pulling up his shirt and grabbing at his crotch for applause.

The show itself is incredible. The lasers, lights, platforms, tricks, pyrotechnics, dancers - the whole nine yards. And Bieber's vocals are consistently on point. It's just let down by his apathy.


To be fair, he was obviously sick. He coughed into the mic a few times and his nose was red, but he could at least fake it.

The only time he came alive was during his drum solo (which was amazing) and when he introduced the local kids that danced with him during Children.

But thankfully that perked him right up to go out in style.

From there he was smiling and joking and dancing weird and having a good time and who would've guessed that Baby would have been the biggest hit of the night?

He rounded off the set with his major hits including Purpose right through to Sorry and it was bloody brilliant.

It's just a shame it took him half the show to play ball.

Source: Frontier Touring NZ