She's rocketed to fame as a poster girl for the androgynous look whilst becoming a firm supporter of LGBT rights.

And in a candid interview with The Edit, Ruby Rose has revealed that she is glad she didn't go forward with gender reassignment surgery as she now wants children of her own.

Speaking about her struggles with her identity as a youth, the actress and model, 30, explained she was 'glad' she didn't make changes earlier in her life as she would like babies in the future.

Ruby - who is currently dating Jessica Origliasso of The Veronicas - reflected on her desires to change gender, saying she was 'glad' to be a woman.


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Explaining her mentality as a youngster, she said: 'All I wanted was a boy's name growing up - Charlie, Billie, Max, Frankie. You just know my mum wanted a girly girl princess!
She added: 'Everyone had Barbies; I had ninja turtles and Superman... I was crazy about Archie comics and I played footie with the boys.'

But the model and actress admitted that she may have regretted making pemanent physical changes at that age, as she explained she was happy being a woman.

Talking about accepting her body and finding happiness with it, she said revealed that one day she hoped to have children.

'I'm a woman,' she said. ' want to have babies one day, so I'm glad I didn't make changes earlier in my life.'

And while it seems that Ruby and Jessica, 32, aren't ready to settle down just yet, the Orange Is The New Black star hinted that the couple may have been talking about marriage plans.

Open mic night is officially open !! As is @jessicaveronica stand up comedy routine !!

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Casting her mind forward to a possible union with her pop star girlfriend, Ruby said she would be swerving a traditional dress in favour of a suit.

Referencing power dressers Karl Lagerfield and Annie Lennox, the XXX: The Return of Xander Cage said, 'that's me'.

Ruby is seeing her star rise thanks to her breakout role in the Netflix series, Orange Is The New Black.


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Her latest role sees her starring alongside Vin Diesel in the third movie of the action series.

Other notable projects in her calendar include a role in Keanu Reeves' follow up to the critically acclaimed John Wick.