Bursts of confetti and flashing wrist bands weren't the only thing Auckland Coldplay fans were treated to last night - Crowded House's Neil Finn also graced the stage.

Positioned at the back of Mount Smart Stadium on a second stage, Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin began singing Crowded House's Four Seasons in One Day, only to pause and declare: "I'm not singing this properly".

Out of the audience, Finn climbed the stairs to join Martin, letting him know he thought he was "doing a pretty good job".

The pair performed the single with guitars slung over their shoulders before Finn descended back into the audience.


Martin also took a moment to joke about the "strict rules" set by concert organisers.

"No teeth work, no dental work, no glasses I said. No necklaces, no jewellery. You read it in the papers and that's the first thing I heard when I got here.

"The truth is we want you to bring whatever you like to our concerts, I don't mind if you bring your own camel. I'm just happy you've come, we all are."

Kiwi fans of the band expressed their delight on social media, one user commenting Finn's surprise cameo was "amazing", whilst another described the concert as "epic, no other word for it!".

Coldplay posted snaps of their Auckland gig to their Instagram.

"#ColdplayAuckland is go!" accompanies a shot of Martin amidst confetti.

"Smashing it," a snap from behind the band's drum set reads.

#ColdplayAuckland is go!

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The British band also found time to take part in some sightseeing, a picture taken underneath Auckland's Sky Tower captioned: "...always take the weather with you. Good morning Auckland, what a great place to start the tour".

Post-show Martin made an appearance on Warner Music New Zealand's Instagram to thank his fans.

"I just want to say how happy we are to be in Auckland, New Zealand, how happy we are to be in New Zealand in general. Thank you to those of you that came to the show...thank you for letting us come to your beautiful country."