1. The Girl on the Train

Emily Blunt plays a woman whose daily commute takes her by her old house, where her ex-husband lives with his new wife. Getting to and from work can be quite the adventure in movies ...

2. Office Space
This 1999 cult comedy lampooned much of working culture (TPS reports, anyone?) but the scene where the corporate drones inch their way down the motorway to work was funny because we've all been there. At the same time.

3. Working Girl
Secretary Tess (Melanie Griffith) has a pretty cool commute - she gets to ride a ferry! To a classist, sexist world that deeply undervalues her as a person.


4. Shall We Dance?
Most commuters' impulse buys stop at pumpkin spice lattes. After seeing a dance studio during his daily ride on Chicago's L, John (Richard Gere) signs up for lessons. Half-caf, skim, no-foam dance lessons.

5. Paperman
This charming Disney short follows a man who meets the girl of his dreams while waiting on a train platform. Then he discovers she puts her purse on the seat next to her instead of holding it in her lap like a courteous person would, so he ends things immediately.

6. The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
In the 1974 original, hijackers vow to kill one New York subway passenger a minute until they get a ransom. They start with the manspreaders.

The Girl on the Train is now showing in New Zealand cinemas