John Oliver has responded directly to Netflix's new trailer for Gilmore Girls, in true John Oliver style.

The Last Week Tonight host was referenced in the clip with the show's main character Lorelai Gilmore wondering; "Do you think John Oliver would find me hot?"

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The Late Show's Stephen Colbert posed the question to Oliver when he appeared on the talk show, and Oliver did not hold back.

"The answer is yes, I do find you hot and I'll tell you why: I'm a red-blooded male with an inbuilt heat detector," Oliver said, pointing at his lap.


"And my heat detector registers you as en fuego."

You can watch the clip below - the Gilmore Girls part kicks in at around the 5.49 mark.

Oliver is the second celebrity who was specifically named in the trailer to respond, after Amy Schumer.

The Trainwreck actress was referenced in the clip when Lorelai wonders if Schumer would like her.

Her daughter Rory dismisses the idea based on Lorelai's dislike of water sports, but Schumer took to Twitter to confirm: "I would love her".