Naz Khanjani has gone from The Bachelor to the boxing ring to ... Whanganui.

Khanjani, who attempted to find love on reality series The Bachelor, appears to be all loved up in a new music video filmed in the Kiwi town.

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But it's probably not what you think. She appeared in the clip for reggae artist K-Dread and his song Jah Truly Bless which features Whanganui R&B artist Sienna Templeton.


The clip, shot in Whanganui, shows the pair walking around the town pretending to be loved up, holding hands, staring into each others' eyes, smelling flowers - the usual.

K-Dread aka Karl Thomas was born and bred in Whanganui, so it's no surprise he's making an effort to show off the town.

In a previous interview, Thomas said Khanjani had come on board with the project because she liked the song and saw it as an opportunity to try something new.

And Naz seems more than happy to help out a couple of talented Kiwi artists, taking to Twitter to share the video overnight.