Riverside massages, a late dinner, intense conversations about their future - and a passionate campfire snog.

Has Jordan already chosen his winning Bachelorette?

After last night's episode in which Storm Halkett spent half the episode on an incredibly romantic one-on-one date with Mauger, you could certainly draw that conclusion.

The pair spent the entire day together, taking in some of Brisbane's scenery, enjoying his-and-hers riverside massages, dining on tapas in a yurt and indulging in some intense heart-to-heart conversations in front of an open fire.


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Halkett has been a firm favourite in recent episodes, but last week was frequently moody during episodes shot in Hawaii, where she revealed a jealous side as Mauger spent time with other girls.

But they made up for lost time during last night's episode as the pair openly discussed their future together.

Mauger admitted he thought Halkett was going to tell him she wanted to quit the show.

"I thought you were going to say, 'I'd had enough - I'm going home'. I would have been gutted," he said.

Jordan and Storm enjoy riverside massages together during their time on The Bachelor NZ.
Jordan and Storm enjoy riverside massages together during their time on The Bachelor NZ.

Storm told Mauger she needed more time - and less competition from The Bachelor NZ's remaining eight contestants - to figure out their future together.

"I'm trying to figure you out and that is so difficult when I hardly ever see you. I need my time with you to figure out you and us. It's just a drawn out process," she said.

The pair ended their evening by kissing several times in front of an open fire.

At the rose ceremony later on, Mauger chose to give the first rose to Halkett.

In an interview with the NZ Herald, Sarah Wallace, who was eliminated by Mauger last night, admitted Halkett and Mauger had impressive chemistry.

"I don't think any of the girls were jealous of Storm going on that date, they were happy for her. She obviously has a really good connection with Jordan," she said.

"You've gotta be supportive to a certain degree."

Mauger has said he wants to choose a winner who has taken the competition seriously, sending home contestants like Shari and Danielle for having too much fun.

He also wants a partner who is adventurous and able to face fears. Last night, he eliminated Wallace after she refused to attempt an abseiling challenge.

Halkett still faces some stiff competition, with Fleur, Naz and Ceri continuing to boast and flaunt their own connections with Mauger.

Eight girls are left in the running for the TV3 reality show.

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