Thought some of the scenes in Filthy Rich were racy last week? So did the censors.

Monday night's show opener had John Junior, played by Josh McKenzie, getting friendly with a prostitute.

Spy is told the scene had to be chopped on orders of the censors as it was too steamy. A total of eight seconds of moaning and groaning ended up beIng cut.

Not so for the other racy scene with the fabulous Theresa Healey, who plays Vivian Truebridge.


Wearing a dominating ensemble, she straddled Sir Douglas -Simon Prast - and poured hot candle wax on his chest.

Evidently, after many attempts by the art department to replicate the wax, they found nothing dripped quite like the real thing. So Prast endured having melted wax poured on him for several takes. What a pro!

As for John Junior, Spy can report one prop is not the real thing, but McKenzie is still suffering the effects of snorting copious amounts of icing sugar!

This week, the many topless scenes provided a headache for the art department. Over in the makeup department they have been busy covering Taylor Hall's distinctive Asian-style tattoo on his chest from his kickboxing background. It's way too cool for his character Vader.

If some of the sets have not quite fitted the $8 million NZ On Air funding budget, the art certainly has. The Pat Hanly painting that is stolen this week is the real deal. Producers borrowed the original from Pat's widow, Gil Hanly, who allowed the team to reproduce it for shooting purposes.

We guess it gets damaged. At the end of the shoot, the one-off print was given to Gil. A similar Pat Hanly painting sold at auction a few years ago for more than $200,000.