Ladies with a taste for a sexy redhead are in for a treat when the handsome and single 35-year-old Goran Paladin returns to our screens tonight as host of TV One's second season of Our First Home. Since making his debut last year, Spy has been amazed at how many girls about town fancy the sport-loving presenter.

But it was news to Paladin. "I find it very hard to believe that I'd have any admirers out there. Not when there are so many other hot fellas on TV to drool over - Matt Chisholm from Seven Sharp, TVNZ Breakfast's Sam Wallace, the weather man, the guy from Step Dave, to name a few.

"But if these women do exist, I'd like to say thank you very much. It's nice to be wanted and if you're a brunette with a great sense of humour, you're probably my type, so get in touch."

Needless to say the Radio Sport producer will spend Valentine's Day watching sport - and himself - on the small screen.


"I'll be watching the Black Caps destroy the Aussies in the first test and then, come 7.30pm, it's the first episode of Our First Home, season two. I don't have a best Valentine's Day as such, but I'm picking this one will be awesome. Cricket and home renovation? How can it not be?"

It will be a busy year for Paladin as he is also hosting TV One's New Zealand Home.

"I team up with the great Ken Crosson on NZ's Home. He's an award-winning architect and a bloody good bugger to boot. We'll travel around the country looking at
all kinds of house types - big, small, expensive, cheap, old, new - to find
out if we have a quintessential New Zealand home type in our midst. At Radio Sport it's almost as though I work in the shadows as people only hear my voice and probably have no idea what I look like.

"But you go from that environment to TV where you're involved in a primetime, multi-night, Kiwi experience for TV One and it's like chalk and cheese.

"All of a sudden, it's all eyes on you - and I can't get away with the Radio Sport dress code of T-shirts, shorts and Jandals any more. However, I love both roles very much."

Ladies, Paladin is a real catch - he has become a real dab hand with the hammer and has just finished building a sleep-out at his North Shore house. So if you're keen, get in touch. Spy is very happy to play Cupid.