It might have been filmed over their summer holidays, but the new Fat Freddy's Drop video isn't full of sunshine and rainbows.

The Wellington roots collective today releases the video for 10 Feet Tall, the latest single from their new album Bays.

Shot in Pakiri, the clip features local residents gathering and levitating in a barn, teens creeping around a house and dancing in a forest.

Direct Jess Bluck said the video was a translation of the song's lyrical content.


"It speaks to me a lot about adversity, about staying strong and rising above it all. To reflect that, the video employs the metaphor of human flight, mysterious and magical as it is," she says.

"The story we tell has the feel of a universal modern day fable that children and young people seem to understand even better than adults.

"I hope the video will serve to lift people up, just as Fat Freddy's music does."