Another former contestant from The Bachelor has spoken out against Edge shock jocks Dom and Jay Jay Harvey and their on-air antics.

In an interview with The Spinoff, runner-up Dani Robinson recalled a stunt on The Edge's breakfast show, where women from the show were asked to "shove cucumbers down their throats to see how far they would go".

The segment, called "What's your cucumber number", encouraged contestants on the show to put cucumbers in their mouths in an apparent simulation of oral sex. The person who could bite the largest piece off was crowned the winner.

A video from The Edge's Facebook page showed a former contestant competing in the challenge.


Dom Harvey is seen holding the bitten off piece of cucumber and remarking, "That is a pathetic amount of cucumber."

"That's alright," his co-host and wife Jay-Jay Harvey replies.

Earlier in the year, Harvey was criticised for tweeting an inapporopiate screenshot of Bachelorette Chrystal Chenery, who competed alongside his wife on Dancing With The Stars.

Audio supplied to The Spinoff reveals more of the banter around the "cucumber game".

"Look at her she's fit, healthy and sporty, I bet she has five plus every day - a girl's got to watch what she eats," Dom Harvey says of another contestant.

"I bet you've never even had a cucumber before though, have you?" Jay-Jay Harvey asks.

The clip includes audio of other Bachelorettes being asked to take part in the game and declining.

One complaint was made to the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) about the segment, under the standards of Good Taste and Decency, and Responsible Programming.


The complainant said the broadcast was "demeaning to women" and unsuitable for a time when children could be listening.

Mediaworks responded that The Edge was not targeted at children and was "well-known for content that can sometimes be risqué". It went on to argue to that its hosts "are renowned for their wit and quirky senses of humour".

The complaint was not upheld by the BSA.

It's not the first time the controversial radio hosts have found themselves in hot water.

In June, reported that The Edge was planning a "Trans for the day" segment, which would see Dom Harvey made over as a woman.

Despite being urged by transgender advocates to call off the stunt, The Edge changed the wording slightly and it went ahead.

Check out Dom's incredible make over... WOW! Video + Pics here:

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, Dom Harvey was slammed for connecting child rape with a contestant on the X-Factor.

He wrote, "Poor Gracie! First molested in her own bed by uncle bully. And now kicked out of #xfactornz" in an apparent reference to the film Once Were Warriors.

And back in 2005, former The Edge host Jason Reeves filed a personal grievance case against CanWest over a dispute about a series of anonymous text messages sent to him by Dom and Jay Jay Harvey.

It is understood the couple sent up to 100 texts a day over a 10-day period, pretending to be an anonymous fan of Reeves who had gotten hold of his cellphone number.