"Two funny ladies in one room, is that even possible?" asks Anika Moa this week.

Despite what Michael Laws may think, it certainly is. This week, Jaquie Brown swings by the studio for an intimate chat with Anika, including the miracle of childbirth.

Having experienced the wonder of new life twice, Jaquie is a pro and has some sage advice for Anika and anyone else considering the move: "Take all the drugs".

Jaquie was so relaxed during her labour, she read glossy magazines and barely noticed when her daughter popped out. A scene she happily re-enacts for everyone at home.


• Jaquie Brown hosts Word Up, a comedy quiz show on TV One, Thursdays at 9pm

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Face-to-Face with Anika Moa is a Herald web series, hosted by New Zealand's most beautiful, talented and totally modest songwriter, Anika Moa.

Each week, Moa interviews movers and shakers of the entertainment world, in her unique, ballsy style.

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Anika Moa sits down with her friend and former drummer Nick Gaffaney, tormenting him with her signature inane banter.

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