Plates? Check. Cutlery? Check. Prawn entrees? Check. Creepy weird masked band providing post-dinner entertainment?

Erm, what?

Guests during last night's episode of Come Dine with Me were treated to some of the weirdest entertainment on the show yet.

It involved a group of people playing brass instruments badly while wearing blue masks and witches hats.


They performed for diners in the front yard while their host Anoushka, dressed as Super Man, danced along. She said she'd joined the band four weeks ago.

The show, a New Zealand adaptation of the UK reality hit, kicked off last week, with groups of five strangers taking turns to host each other for dinner and entertainment. The winner receives a $2000 cash prize.

The show has already featured some bizarre activities, including time trials for pulling tissues out of boxes, sorting bags of M&Ms into separate colours, and a pet dog performing tricks.

But last night's performance took things to another level. One guest, an American actor, joked that he thought the KKK had "finally found me" because of their capes, masks and hats.

Last night's host gets into the carnival atmosphere.
Last night's host gets into the carnival atmosphere.

The entertainment was provided by a group of Freeman's Bay musicians called 'Carnival Band' who describe themselves on their website like this:

"We are a Swiss style carnival band who dress up in costumes and dance around while playing music. We have an infectious nature to our music which leaves a lasting impression on people who see us play. Although we are not 'note perfect', the energy and fun that comes from our music is enjoyed by all.

"We play an interesting mix of modern and traditional music and are predominantly made up of brass instruments and percussion."

Competitors be warned - that is going to take some beating.