Fans have taken to social media to express their sorrow, outrage and bemusement at the news John Campbell is leaving MediaWorks and Campbell Live is no more.

Wendy Lester called out MediaWorks on its statement that the "best of Campbell Live" would move over to the new show.

"So so so much stupid in that statement," she wrote on Twitter. "The best part is LEAVING."

John Campbell leaves Campbell Live


Other users described themselves as "gutted" and called it a "sad day".

Meanwhile, TV3 colleagues and fellow journalists paid tribute to the host, who has worked at the network for 24 years, joining the Wellington newsroom in 1991.

Graphic designer Cam Spark, wrote: "TV3 won't be the same without John. One of the most caring, genuine people I've had the pleasure to work with."

Others expressed anger towards MediaWorks, vowing to stop watching the network or the new show, set to replace Campbell Live. They also questioned MediaWorks decision to deliberately time the news as the budget was announced.