TV3 has announced the launch date for its new reality series, The Bachelor New Zealand, which will begin screening on Tuesday March 17 at 7.30pm.

The series will run on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, replacing one night of X Factor, which will be reduced to just two episodes per week from the current three-night line up.

Press kits sent to media today revealed the full line up of Bachelorettes but did not reveal the so-called mystery Bachelor's identity, despite widespread reports it is Art Green, a Wellington-based entrepreneur.

The hopeful ladies range in age from 21 to 35 and include three lawyers, two teachers, two yoga instructors and a clinical research associate, among others.



The press release features some inspiring "words to live by" from each of the contestants, which we just couldn't resist sharing.

Take Hayley - a 25-year-old entrepreneur from Auckland - who says: "Just roll with the punches." We hope she's not referring directly to her quest for love or her approach to fellow contestants.

Another contestant Fiona, encourages people to "live life", while Danielle B (there is also a Danielle L) says, "Don't try to force a door down, if you are patient the right door will open by itself." Expect to see her staring wistfully in the hallway while other contestants head out with the Bachelor.

When asked to describe their ultimate date, several of the ladies opted for generic beach walks and picnics but a couple were much more specific, such as Rosie.

Her dream date involves: "A day walking barefoot through the untouched and dangerously unpredictable highlands of Papua New Guinea, with someone who has the grit of Bear Grylls and the mind of Stephen Hawking.

Apparently, they would "spend hours exchanging passionate fiery dreams of conquering the world - he wouldn't dare poison her sweet synapses with intellectual junk food or predictable small talk".

That's sure is some fancy talk.

For those that aren't as clever as Rosie, a synapse is a junction between two nerve cells, consisting of a minute gap across which impulses pass by diffusion of a neurotransmitter (thank you Oxford dictionary).


So yes, let's hope he doesn't poison those.